Domestic orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) with the option of Express, Priority or First Class Mail. We can also ship Internationally to Canada, again by USPS.

Order Processing

Orders are processed usually the next business day and when the handmade candles are in stock we should be able to ship that day or the day after. When they are not in stock, or are customized candles, it'll take me a couple of days more to make them to your order and we'll keep you informed either by phone or email.

Express Mail shipments may be tracked by visiting your My account page or at

USPS Express Services

USPS Express Mail offers a guaranteed delivery time by noon or 3:00 p.m. the next day, or noon or 3:00 p.m. the second day. These shipments are trackable and more information is available on the usps website.

USPS Priority Mail Service

USPS Priority Mail service is typically delivered in two to three business days to most locations. The service is not guaranteed, but can be a cost effective option where the shipment can be sent in a Medium or Large Flat Rate Box.

First Class Mail Service - Domestic

USPS First Class Mail service is typically delivered in two to three business days to most locations. Again, not guaranteed and times increase greatly near holiday periods.

First Class Mail Service - International

USPS First Class International cannot be tracked and the delivery time to Canada can be a couple of weeks if it gets held up in a Customs bottleneck. If you are interested in International shipping, send me a contact message and we can investigate available options.

Packages Delayed or Lost In Transit

In the event your package is lost in transit, we will refund your purchase or reship your order after 30 days from the date of shipment. We require that you sign and return a letter confirming that your package indeed was never received within this time frame.


For most small packages, we recommend USPS First-Class Mail. Although Priority Mail is advertised as 2-3 day delivery time, we have found that First-Class averages the same time at around half the cost. All of our Domestic shipments have Delivery Confirmation standard. For overnight service, USPS Express Mail is recommended, unless you are in an area which cannot be served by USPS within one day.

All my candles will be made to order, normally in 2 to 3 working days