About Us

I’ve always loved having candles, for decoration and to burn them to bring warmth to my home once dusk has fallen.

How it came to Conny’s Candles:

One of my passions has always been creating decorations for myself, family and friends. I find material everywhere I can; walking my dog and collecting what nature has to offer, sifting through things I’ve hoarded in a closet for years, or just what I use (or have used!) in normal daily life. Like for the “Wine” Collage I put together a couple of years ago, an empty wine bottle and an old wine glass. But the empty wine glass looked funny and I somehow got the idea to fill the glass with colored wax to make it look like wine. The result looked great and I fell in love with pouring wax – My new passion was born!


At the beginning I just refilled burned down votive candles. After a while I tried my first pillar candle and realized pretty quickly there’s a lot to learn about candle making.  I began to enjoy searching the Internet for more information as well as experimenting with a few molds, different waxes and techniques, colors and fragrances – It quickly went into an obsession.

During one trip home to Germany, to visit family and friends, I got the chance to attend some Candle Making Classes run by a Swiss Company. I was very impressed by the new techniques I could learn, including making “slab” candles (“Plattenkerzen”), and brought back some of their molds and applique waxes. The applique waxes amazed me; they’re decorations made of 100% wax which I can stick to a candle just by warming them up in my hands.

All of my  candles are still handmade and hand poured with love right in my kitchen, just outside Seattle in the beautiful North  West. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while creating them.

If you have any questions or would like to get a special design, color or fragrance don't hesitate to contact me using the Contact form, or by email to conny@connyscandles.com.


Conny Forshaw

All my candles will be made to order, normally in 2 to 3 working days